What We Believe


We believe the Bible is the unique inspired word of God. It is the only certain source for correct teaching and living. We believe the Bible's teachings, which are expressed in the creeds adopted by the whole church. We believe the one true God reveals himself to us.

He is the Father, who created everything and keeps it going. He is the Son, who is fully God and fully human. Through his birth by the Virgin Mary, he came into our world to suffer, die and rise again from the  dead. In this way he has reconciled sinful humanity to God. At the end of the world he will bring those who trust in him to joyful, eternal life. He is the Holy Spirit, who through his gracious kindness alone brings us to a living faith in God. He also keeps us in Christian faith and living through his word and  the sacraments (baptism and communion).

We believe the Lutheran Confessions to be a correct explanation of God's word.

Our Mission

Hope's Mission is to teach God's Word and Share Christ's love with all.

Hope's Vision Statement

1. Christ is the Cornerstone of this congregation, so we will be the cornerstone of this Community.  We will welcome them into our midst so that we can share God’s love with them all.  We will attract them with meaningful and relevant service, according to their needs, and will greet them with loving and authentic friendship.


2. Guests to our church and school campus will find us to be infectious in our joy, approachable in our hospitality, and supportive in our words and actions as we share our lives in Christ with them.


3. Our membership will be influential in the community, even as they grow their discipleship and leadership skills in the congregation. We will support each other in body, mind, and spirit as we observe God working in and through us until we are bursting at the seams on this church and school campus, to His Glory! 



Hope’s Qualities:


Over the decades Hope church and school has been served by many dedicated and faithful servants and grown into the congregation we know today.


Hope Lutheran has many things to offer its members and the community, these include: 

  •      A 9:00 am Sunday Worship Service, a Sunday Adult Bible class, a Children's Sunday School for all ages and VBS.
  •      Day school for K-8, Preschool and Daycare for school age children.
  •      A Saturday morning men’s Bible Study and a Mid-week women’s Bible Study, Teen programs, Scouting and service groups.
  •      Supporting community outreach programs like Shepherds Pantry and Angel Tree.

Our History

Hope Lutheran is a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. The Lutheran Church is a confessional movement within the Christian Church, begun in the 1500s, that includes more than 50 million members worldwide. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, of which Hope is a member congregation, has about 2.5 million members. It is the second largest Lutheran denomination in the United States, and is known for maintaining a faithful witness to God's word.

The following is a brief history of Hope Lutheran Church and School:


On February 4, 1954: Sunday School started in the American Legion Hall located at 159 N. Cullen Ave. under the sponsorship of Concordia Lutheran Church in Azusa. The first Sunday school Superintendent was Mr. Howard Boltz.

On February 27, 1954: Preaching services started in the American Legion Hall with Pastor A.G. Wahl serving. There were 70 people attending.

Hope Lutheran Church (HLC) was formally organized in 1955 when a handful of Lutheran families in the Glendora area, with the help of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, began meeting in the American Legion Hall. The small group, led by Pastor Harry F. Miller, formed a council.

In March, 1955: Five acres were purchased on the NW corner of E. Foothill and Lorraine for $35,000 by the So. Cal. District of the Lutheran Church- Mo. Synod.

On July 10, 1955: A young seminary graduate Pastor Kenneth Molnar and his wife came to Glendora in June. Pastor Molnar was ordained and commissioned to serve the Glendora mission Field.

On August 7, 1955: The name "Hope Lutheran Church of Glendora" was chosen for the new mission.

On September 21, 1955: Hope Lutheran Church was formally organized. Thirty-five communicant members signed the charter paper.

On January 1, 1956: there were 225 baptized members.

On May 26, 1956: The first confirmation class (children) was received into membership.

On August 12, 1956: Pastor Molnar was called and installed as the first Pastor of Hope Lutheran, no longer "mission at Large" for the Southern California District. And plans for a school began.

On October 20, 1957: Groundbreaking for the first church. The building was designed by William Wilke and Hugh Neitsch was the builder.

On June 29, 1958: First service was held in the still uncompleted church when a class of eight juniors were confirmed.

On September 21, 1958: The chapel and educational unit were formally dedicated with the Rev. Luther Schwartzkopf of San Bernardino delivering the message.

In January, 1960: The decision was made to open a Christian Day School.

In July, 1960: Mr. Donald L. Simpson was called as first principal of Hope Lutheran School. That September the school was opened with two classrooms and 60 students.

In September, 1960: Miss Shirley Mosshamer began her teaching duties in charge of the primary grades.

In January, 1961: Plans were developed for a third classroom.

June, 1961: Ground breaking for a new educational unit with two class classrooms and six Sunday School rooms, construction began on July 1.

In August, 1961: Miss Norma Dodge was added to the staff to teach grades 3 and 4.

On February 24, 1963: Pastor Molnar after 7 1/2 years as the first pastor at Hope accepted a call to San Antonio, Texas, preaching his last sermon.

On March 17, 1963: Pastor Harry F. Miller of Santa Rosa, California, called as new pastor. Pastor Miller accepted the call and was installed on May 26, 1963.

On March 1, 1964: Dedication of the new educational building.

On December 1, 1968: Groundbreaking ceremony for new sanctuary.

On August 17, 1969: Dedication of the new Sanctuary (attendance was 517)

On March 14, 1971 - Pastor Edward Busch installed as Pastor Hope Lutheran Church.

On March 26, 1976: Pastor Larry N. Gorrell installed as Pastor Hope Lutheran Church.

On June 24, 1979: Ordination of a member of Hope Lutheran, David Gruoner into the Holy Ministry was held.

On August, 1985: A mobile classroom and a seventh day school teacher were added to Hope Lutheran School.

On December 6, 1992: Pastor Paul Terhune was installed as Pastor Hope Lutheran Church.

In June, 1997: Don Simpson retired as principal. He went on to support the school at St. John’s Covina, returning to Hope in 2000 to substitute until June, 2003.

In July, 2013: Vicar Daniel Lewis began serving at Hope. He left to become a Pastor in October, 2015.

On January 5, 2020:. Pastor Terhune retired as Pastor Hope Lutheran Church.

On March 1, 2020: Vicar Gary Liu began serving at Hope. His primary focus is ministry to the local Chinese population with the goal of someday planting a Chinese congregation at Hope.