What We Believe


We believe the Bible is the unique inspired word of God. It is the only certain source for correct teaching and living. We believe the Bible's teachings, which are expressed in the creeds adopted by the whole church. We believe the one true God reveals himself to us.

He is the Father, who created everything and keeps it going. He is the Son, who is fully God and fully human. Through his birth by the Virgin Mary, he came into our world to suffer, die and rise again from the  dead. In this way he has reconciled sinful humanity to God. At the end of the world he will bring those who trust in him to joyful, eternal life. He is the Holy Spirit, who through his gracious kindness alone brings us to a living faith in God. He also keeps us in Christian faith and living through his word and  the sacraments (baptism and communion).

We believe the Lutheran Confessions to be a correct explanation of God's word.

Our Mission

Responding to God's word we are here to be a loving, Christ-like community of believers, growing in faith, reaching out to others and joyfully worshiping our Lord.

Hope's Vision Statement

Through our Lord's means of grace, Hope Lutheran will be a vibrant community welcoming everyone to become all that God wants his people to be:

1. Worshiping in a way that is an effective means for God to meet and serve his people, and through which God comes to us and empowers our response.

2. Equipping all ages to grow in a Christ-like life through maintaining a Christian school and full  congregational educational and disciplining programs, including:

  • Preschool and elementary school.
  • Children and youth classes.
  • Adult classes and groups.

3.  Sharing faith, inviting others to church and extending hospitality in keeping with Jesus' great commission to make disciples. 

4. Sharing one another's joys and bearing one another's burdens by personal help and prayer.

5. Maintaining all of the needed resources and structures to accomplish our mission.     

Our History

Hope Lutheran is a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. The Lutheran Church is a confessional movement within the Christian Church, begun in the 1500s, that includes more than 50 million members worldwide. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, of which Hope is a member congregation, has about 2.5 million members. It is the second largest Lutheran denomination in the United States, and is known for maintaining a faithful witness to God's word.