Our curriculum is not only Christ-centered but also intellectually challenging and diverse. Creative and compelling teaching strategies provide each child with opportunities to work up to their own ability level. Children are provided with rules and routines that help them succeed, and classrooms have clearly defined expectations and rewards to encourage progress. Through this combination of creativity and structure, we challenge our students to grow and develop.

To accomplish our educational goals, we provide a variety of academic programs and services:

  • Full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • A low student / teacher ratio
  • Unique courses like Music, Latin and Art
  • Off-campus learning through field trips, as well as outdoor education for our upper grades
  • Weekly classes using our computer lab, and computers in every classroom
  • An interscholastic sports program that includes basketball, football, softball, volleyball, etc.
  • Competitive academic activities, such as geography and spelling bees and an art competition
  • Facilities that include a playground and full sized field
  • After school care

As we teach a variety of subjects each day, our sole objective is to prepare children to serve God and others.  All children are taught God’s word; it permeates each subject and is not confined merely to daily classroom devotions, the religion period, or weekly chapel services.  Working through the Word, the Holy Spirit plants and nourishes faith in the hearts of all (young and old).  The demands of God’s law are realized, but more importantly the saving Gospel offers comfort.  Children are urged to make the very best use of their God-given abilities.  Through our teaching we try to prepare them to become responsible stewards of the unique gifts God has given them, and in so doing, the Holy Spirit enables them to lead a joy-filled Christian life that becomes a thanksgiving to God.