Developing Student Mind, Body and Soul

Hope is a participating member of the Lutheran Athletic League and the San Gabriel Valley Christian League, providing elementary schools of an opportunity for friendly competition in sports with other schools.  The organizations further enhances the spiritual, academic, physical, social, psychological and moral growth of its students. Additionally providing an opportunity for eligible students to enjoy team and individual sports, while learning the proper etiquette, rules, and skills of the sport, encouraging the student into a lifelong participation in sports.

Participation is open to all students who qualify under the guidelines and regulations of Hope and the Lutheran Athletic League. Information concerning the sport, eligibility, site and times, may be attained through the Athletic Director and/or by visiting our Athletic Calendar.  Student-athletes in grades five through eight will have the opportunity to join a team.

The Hope Lutheran School Athletic Program normally provides Varsity and Junior Varsity levels of competition in:

  • Flag Football (boys)
  • Basketball (boys and girls)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Cross Country and Soccer (co-ed)

At Hope, we believe that what happens on the field or court needs to complement what students learn in the classroom and at home. Athletics provide students with opportunities to test learned values and faith; this, in turn, helps students to develop as individuals. We also count on the role of parents and guardians in athletics. There is no doubt that without the support from home, students have more difficulty wading through opportunities to grow whether in athletics or academics.

By participating in athletics at Hope, students have a safe place to test the values and faith they learn at home and at school. As a result, students develop as individuals developing their Mind, Body and Soul.