Our Mission

In obedience to Christ's command to make disciples, at Hope Lutheran School we endeavor to help children know Jesus as their Savior, to serve God and one another in their daily living, and to fully develop and use the abilities God has given them.

The words of Jesus, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.", Matthew 28:19-20, speak to us today just as clearly as when Jesus spoke them  to His first disciples.  Hope Lutheran, as part of the world wide Christian Church today, still seeks to fulfill the "Great Commission" in Matthew 28 by reaching out to share God's love with all - young and old, believers, and nonbelievers.

Such a love must start with God Himself, since the Bible tells us God is love. Thus, in seeking to share love with others, we at Hope Lutheran School are really seeking to share God and His love.  This love saves all from sin, death, and the power of the devil.  Besides saving us, His love also empowers us to live as His own children and will bring us home to Heaven one day.

The purpose of our congregation then is very important; God's Spirit works in each member, and as each is filled with the Spirit's power, he reaches out to bring others into God's Kingdom for time and for eternity.  Since Hope Lutheran School is an integral part of the congregation, it helps fulfill each of the congregation's five functions:  education, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service.

Our Beliefs

Hope is a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, a confessional movement begun in the 1500's with more than 50 million members worldwide. Find out about LCMS doctrine HERE

Meet Our Staff

Click here to find out about our principal, teachers, and other staff who help us fulfill our mission to help children know Jesus as their Savior, to serve God and one another in their daily living, and to fully develop and use the abilities God has given them.


Thank you for your interest in Hope Lutheran School!

Our enrollment process is simple and straightforward - simply fill out a copy of our application, bring it in to the school office, and we will help you through the rest.

Our school costs are carefully studied each year, and tuition charges are based on actual costs. Our goal is to provide a high quality educational program, while keeping costs down and tuition affordable. This effort includes a program of generous discounts for families with multiple students.

Choosing a school for your child is an important decision, and as you consider whether Hope is right for you, we encourage you to call or visit us in person. We are easy to find, at the corner of Foothill and Loraine:

1041 East Foothill Boulevard
Glendora, CA 91741
(626) 335-5315
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At Hope, we strive to help each of our students reach their full potential. Our goal is to nurture well rounded students through a strong academic program that is built on a foundation of faith. 




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Contact Information

  • Hope Lutheran
    1041 East Foothill Boulevard
    Glendora, CA 91741
  • Office: (626) 335-5315
    Fax: (626) 852-0836
    Preschool: (626) 335-5315
  • Sunday Services
    7:45 & 10:15am

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